5 Basic Tips to Select a Brandable Domain Name


Tip 1: Brainstorm

Brainstorm and prepare a list of atleast 10 domain names you like.

For example, If I wanted to create a website related to education then my list would be

“schooling, training, guidance, preperation, teaching, knowledge, literacy, learning, scholar, college”

You can prepare a better list than this.


Tip 2: Select a Unique domain name

Generic domain names cannot be made brandable and you also cannot get  a trademark for a generic name, so from your prepared list select a domain name which you like the most and make it unique.

For example, From my list of domain names, I prefer the name scholar and I can convert it to scholarbuilder.

This is just an example, you can come up with better names than this.

Note: To make a name unique don’t misspell it.


Tip 3: Make sure that it is easy to remember:

Many web designers make this mistake, before selecting your domain name make sure that it is easy to remember. Tell the domain name to your friends and ask them whether it is easy to remember. An ordinary domain becomes a brandable one only when it is easy to remember.


Tip 4: Related to your website purpose

Before deciding upon your domain name, make sure that it is somewhat related to your website. The moment someone reads your domain name they should be able to guess what your website is related to. You can’t select a domain name randomly.


Tip 5: Trademark infringement

This is a common mistake 90% of people do . So, make sure that the domain name you select does not violate any trademark violations.


Good luck with your website 🙂


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